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Sep 24, 2018 |
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On October 5, 2018, will be held a meeting of working group 2 to the BlSAC

On October 5, 2018, will be held a meeting of working group 2 to the BlSAC - "Sustainable fishing - facilities and gears" with a starting time at 13:00 p.m, at Hotel Delmar, Constanta, Romania. For more information click here...

To the members of Working group N 2
“Sustainable fishing - gear and resources”


The Black Sea Advisory Council invites you to a working group on Sustainable Fishing - gear and resources on October  5, 2018 (Friday), Delmar Hotel, Constanta, Romania, starting at 13.00 p.m.

The working group is convened by the Head of the working group Mrs. Lubov Georgieva.

Members: Lubov Georgieva, Dimitrina Kostova, Dimitar Kanariev, Kiril Jeglev, Emil Milev, Florin Luchian, Manaila Marian Sorinel, Dragos Buhai, Claudiu Robe, Stefan Toporau.



1. Choosing a Head of the meeting and reporteur;

2. Examining the possibilities offered by the European, Romanian and Bulgarian legislation for the use of fishing for demersal species.

3. Presentation of the achievements of the Romanian Institute "Grigor Antipa". Prof. Simeon Nikolaev's report on the experiments conducted with hydraulic  dredger and similar devices.

4. Proposals for drawing up a recommendation to the official authorities of both countries on the possibilities for using certain bivalve catch equipment;

5. Consideration of the opinion of the European Association of small – scale  Fishermen, prepared by decision of the previous meeting on:

-  Development of small-scale fishing;

-  Resizing of small-scale fishing;

- Scientific research on small-scale fishing;

- Assessment of the regional peculiarities of small-scale fisheries through a regionalised approach.

-  Identification of recreational fisheries in the Black Sea in terms of commercial fish stocks.

6. Others.