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Apr 9, 2019 |
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General Assembly meeting of BlSAC on May 7

On May 7, 2019 at the Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel, Varna, will be held a meeting of the General Assembly of the BlSAC. For more invormation see the Agenda here.

To the members of the
General Assembly of the BlSAC



The Executive Committee of the Black Sea Advisory Council /BlSAC/ on the grounds of Art. 26 of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act and Art. 21 of the Statute of the BlSAC, convenes a General Assembly to be held on 7 May, in Rosslyn – Dimyat Hotel, Varna, conference room „Perla” with an opening hour at 9.30 a.m.




P.1 Checking of documents and authorizations of the participants

P.2 Choice of leader of the meeting, teller of the votes and reporter of the minutes


P.I Decision on request /undertaking of legal actions concerning the collection, including their request before the court, of unpaid obligations/ or exemption of financial obligations for withdrawn/excluded/left organizations.

P.II Acceptance of new members into BlSAC

P.III Changes in the composition and number of the Executive Committee of BlSAC. Exclusion of members of the ExCom, elected on 19-20.11.2018; Inclusion of new members into the ExCom.

P. IV Voting on the activity report for 2018.

P.V Voting on the financial report for 2018 and presenting the audit certificate.

P.VI Selection of chairman and vice-chairman for the two Working groups of BlSAC, as well as their term of office.

P.VII Acceptance of changes in the Statute of BlSAC.

P.VIII Other issues, changing address and headquarter.


All authorized persons are required to submit an original of the Power of attorney for the meeting, or such for the whole of 2019, which is explicitly mentioned.



Chairman of BlSAC:
Dr. Yordan Gospodinov