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Feb 2, 2020 |
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Executive Committe meeting of BlSAC on February 21

On  February 21 , 2020 in Varna,Bulgaria will be held a meeting of the Executive Committe of the BlSAC. For more invormation see the Agenda below.

To the members of
Executive Committee of BlSAC


The Chairman of the Black Sea Advisory Council, on the grounds of Art. 32 paragraph 4 of the Statute of the BlSAC convenes an Executive Committee to be held on 21.02.2020, in Varna, Bulgaria.


10.30 -Welcome and introduction by the Chairman of the BlSAC, choosing a head of the meeting, and reporter.

10.45 Information on the contributions to the BlSAC account, membership fees for 2019 and 2020. Discussions;

11.10 Determining the place, date, time and agenda for the General Assembly of BlSAC in March;

11.30 Review and approval of the 2019 activity report;

12.20 Lunch break;

13.10 Review and approval of the financial statements for 2019;

13.30 Presentation of the audit report prepared by the audit firm Effective Audit OOD - Ivelina Balanova, audit firm;

13.50 Summarizing of previous recommendations and answers received;

14.20 WG for 2020 - members proposal;

14.50 Determination of the date, place and topics for holding the round table by the BlSAC;

15.10 Others;

15.30 Conclusions.

All authorized persons are required to submit an original of the Power of attorney for the meeting, or such for the whole of 2020, which is explicitly mentioned.

Chairman of BlSAC:Dr. Yordan Gospodinov