About us

The Black Sea Advisory Council (BlSAC) is a non-profit legal entity for public benefit, established on 20.07.2015 pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities. The society is registered under the Bulgarian legislation with headquarters in Varna – Republic of Bulgaria. The society has established a second office in Constanta - Romania.

The members of the Advisory Council are associations, non-governmental organizations and societies whose activities cover all major areas of fisheries in Bulgaria and Romania - catches of fish and other aquatic organisms, aquaculture, processing, import and export, retail and wholesale of fish and fish products. Members of BlSAC also include environmental NGOs, transport unions and other stakeholders having activities related to the sea.

The governing bodies of the society are the General Assembly and the Management Board. The activity of the BlSAC is fully subjected to the decisions of the General Assembly, observing the norms of the European and national legislation and its Statutes. Operative management decisions are taken by the members of the Management Board /MB/ and the representative functions are entrusted to the Chairperson. The executive functions are under the authority of the secretariat, which is managed by a Secretary General. The rights and duties of the Secretariat are laid down in the Rules of Procedure. They are directly dependent on the decisions of the General Assembly and the Management Board, and are within the scheduled and adopted budget, program and objectives of the BlSAC.

BlSAC maintains a website that is a member's advertising window and a tool for information about the association's activities. The site is constantly updated with news and updated European legislation norms concerning the sector.

In its activities, the union works with institutions, ministries, departments, research institutes and other non-governmental organizations to achieve the goals set in the program.

We welcome everybody’s opinion and competence.